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Digital locks

The security that is seen. We present a line of products that bring advanced technology to the domestic and office market.

Serie DGT


• Opening by code.
• Up to 9 codes can be processed simultaneously.
• Lock provided with access control system.
• Antipanic system.
• Automatic locking system with three 15 mm Ø steel bolts.
• More than one billion possible combinations. Codes from 1 to 10 digits.
• Optional opening with high security key.
• Electronic system operated by a microprocessor.
• Battery power operation.
• Low battery power indicator.
• Led light indicator.
• Audible indicator.
• Finishes: bright chrome (CR), mat chrome (CM), bright gold (OB) and satin gold (OS).


Serie DSM2


• For principal interior doors.
• For doors thickness from 38 to 55 mm.
• For domestic market.
• Easy to program and operate.
• Simple and fast installation.
• Opening by smart card . Up to 80 smarts card can be registered.
• Opening by code. Up to 7 codes groups can be registered.
• Opening by remote controller. Up to 8 remote controllers can be registered.
• Passage function optional.
• Battery power operation.
• Low batteries indicator.
• Light and audible indicators.
• Simple maintenance.
• 1 emergency key.
• Finish: bright chrome (CR).

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