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Company and History


                          Since our inception, we have evolved from being a small workshop to one of the important suppliers in the world regarding innovative solutions and first-rate services for the protection of people and properties. All this has been possible thanks to an advanced strategy with innovations and flagship products that have given us great versatility.

A family line of blacksmiths who worked iron for hundreds of years made the foundation of TOVER possible. After many years of research and development we specialized in the manufacture of high security locks and high security systems. Later on, our company added an extensive range of products including safes, padlocks and electronic or digital locks, among others.

The company grew rapidly into the national territory, acquiring a specialization in the field of security for the private and residential construction sector. In the 90s, a long period of internal renewal led the company to obtain the typical structure of a modern international company.

With Research and Development, production automation, internal testing and analysis laboratories Tover is constantly committed to maintain high quality standards in the management of quality.

TOVER is a strong global leading brand in a dynamic market. It is a strong brand thanks to constant innovation. The key to our success is that the customer is a priority.

At present TOVER is one of the leading global companies in the manufacture of locks and high security systems. With more than 50 years of experience in the hardware and construction sectors. It is present in more than 80 countries leading the main markets and being a pioneer in the development of new products and patents all over the world.

Our AIM: the continuous strength of our market position and grow in a profitable way.

Our MISSION: being the main reference for security within a global market and offering technologically up-to-date solutions.

Our VISION: safety and quality is our greatest value. .



* 1960 Tallers Oliver (TOVER), the first group company in the city of Banyoles, province of Girona, manufacturing its first range of fittings for doors and windows.

* 1970 The production of the first range of locks of high security begins.

* 1973 The internationalization of TOVER begins and the first exports to the markets of Europe begin.

* 1976 New facilities are inaugurated on an area of ​​20,000 m2 .

* 1980 The TOVERBLOC division is born dedicated to the commercialization of armored doors and security systems with great success in the market.

* 1981 Brand implementation over the American markets.

* 1990 Development of our electronic division and its launch over the international market

* 2000 With the joint effort of our human team, TOVER is present in more than 80 countries all over the five continents through more than 300 distributors.

* 2002 Continuing the empowerment of the digital and electronic division: introduction of a range of security safes with a lot of success concerning hotels

* 2008 Continuing to expand the series of rim locks with more ergonomic models and with more security features

* 2013 We extend the series of wooden construction handles, with great success in the American markets, North Africa and the Middle East.

* 2016 We promote the digital locks series with high security model and access control

* 2018 We continue to expand the series of rim locks with new models aimed at iron enclosures.